Michigan's Largest Marijuana Product Recall - 2021

December 16, 2021

On Wednesday, November 17, 2021, the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA), issued a recall of Marijuana products sold at more than 400 retailers. The 31-page notice contains a complete list of affected retailers. This recall is the largest to occur in Michigan since 2019.

Products included in the marijuana recall

The recall covers all Viridis North LLC and Viridis Laboratories LLC marijuana products that were tested between August 10, 2021, and November 16, 2021. Inhalable marijuana concentrate products are exempt. These include vape cartridges and live resin, distillates, as well as other cannabis concentrates that are created by residual solvent extractions.The CEO of Viridis Laboratories said that while they strongly disagree and firmly stand behind their test results, they are fully cooperating with the MRA and working closely to minimize interruptions, including retesting affected product at no cost.

Many marijuana product consumers are affected

The recall notice states that consumers who have weakened immune systems and/or lung disease are most at risk of aspergillosis or other health-related issues. These potentially dangerous products can cause lung damage.Consumers who have suffered adverse reactions are urged by the MRA to inform their doctor about their symptoms and product usage. As well as, they are requesting a report of the reactions to be submitted to the MRA at MRAEnforcement@michigan.gov or 517-284-8599.The recall does nothing other than state that there are "inaccurate or unreliable results". The prepared statement above states that the companies were cleared to continue testing at their two locations. They look forward to serving their customers. Michaud stated that their mission was to promote the safety and health of adult-use consumers and patients.You can return marijuana products that do not meet recall criteria to the seller. These products will be issued a license number SC-000009 or AUSC-000113.

The Parties Are Headed To Court

Viridis Laboratories, LLC and Viridis North, LLC filed lawsuits against the MRA in Michigan Court of Claims less than one week after the recall. According to the companies, the recall affected almost $229 million in marijuana products.The MRA can't comment on pending litigation. Attorney Kevin Blair and Honigman, LLP issued statements that included: "The MRA disregarded industry experts, widely recognized scientific practices, caused disruption through reckless and arbitrary decisions-making, which ultimately put patients and consumers it is charged to protect at risk."The lawsuit states that "This case illustrates how extraordinary dangers are created when a state administration agency is allowed regulate from the shadows, without proper oversight by an impartial, detached decision maker, and, worst of all, motivated at least partially by what appears to have been the whims of its director, and employees."

Michigan's Largest Marijuana Product Recall - 2021